Author & Publisher Inquiries

Welcome to our Author Publicity and Events Page. 

AUTHORS- To book space reservation for a book signing event ONLY, please use the form below!

Book Signing Event Request 

We thank you for considering our space to display and sell your titles and look forward to collaborating with you!

Due to the overwhelming inquiries about adding your books into our space, we have created a new process to purchasing books!

Step 2- Send a complementary copy/ sample of your title(s) to Grassrootz Bookstore, 1145 E Washington Street, Suite #200, Phoenix, AZ 85034. Please include a letter to indicate this book is for review. 
Step 3- Sign Up for an Author Book Signing Event to host a book signing and/or discussion for your title(s)
Step 4- Team reviews title for approval
Upon completion of both forms, retrieval of copy of book, author event, and team decision of approval, you will be notified of our decision and we will secure copies via wholesale. 

For urgent inquiries, please send us an email at