Almasi Ya Kifo

Almasi Ya Kifo

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The Almasi Ya Kifo diamonds, respected, esteemed and celebrated by many... feared, cursed and despised by others.

These mysterious gemstones possess an energy that can bring good fortune and protection from harm to those that possess them. Whereas for others, there is profound calamity and death. For this reason, the diamonds are known as 'fate diamonds' in different cultures. Myth or fact, magic or science? This can only be determined by the individual experiencing their intense affects. Nevertheless, the diamonds are considered priceless and are tirelessly sought after by many gem collectors - and greedy thieves.

Paulo Pineda is a popular and likable, but somewhat hesitant, young man incessantly seeking quick fortune. He's been drifting around attempting to find his way in life; trying to find the means to move out of his parent's place, and hoping for the courage to ask out the girl he really, really likes.

Joseph Ashe has more enemies than he has friends. He is not a popular, likable person, with a criminal record going way back. He recently came into possession of the mysterious Almasi Ya Kifo diamonds, having stolen them from his shady business partner's jewelry store in Las Vegas.

Quite unexpectantly, Paulo's and Joseph's paths collide, with dramatic affect. Now in possession of the diamonds, Paulo's life turns into a roller coaster adventure... both exhilarating and terrifying.

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