Carbon Before Melanin: Creators on Earth

Carbon Before Melanin: Creators on Earth

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The following is words from the author…

The sub-title of my book, “Creator*s On Earth” has a double meaning.

  • As a contraction for the “Creator is” on Earth
  • As a plural for human beings existing as “Creators” on Earth having a human experience.

Section 1 of Carbon Before Melanin researches the role that the carbon atom played in the development of the cosmos and earth. Carbon is the glue-like atom that can bind with itself and other atoms creating the melanin molecule and organic life on earth, specifically human beings. The carbon atom plays a vital role in the formation of the Melanin molecule. Carbon is the basis for life in the cosmic universe and earth. Carbon acts like a glue that combines the nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen atoms. Carbon is the cosmic glue that connects all life. The carbon atom defines the characteristics, responsibilities, and attributes of life in the cosmos. The Cosmos is the ordered and arranged systems in the universe.

Section 2 demonstrates how I taught melanin to my students. As I researched, tested, and analyzed my teachings on Melanin, I updated and revised my lessons. After revisions, I applied what I learned and enhanced my teaching with students. I continued developing and teaching my Melanin lesson plans in classrooms for five (5) years. I finalized my curriculum development and shared my results with a melanin specialist named, Dr. Richard King, for his approval and recommendations in 1987. I continue to update my teachings to this day. This book, Carbon Before Melanin, is the result of my teaching and learning process.

My research methodology is grounded in the following subject areas,

  • Astronomy – Star Life – Earth Science
  • Oceanography – Water Life – Earth Science
  • Botany – Plant Life – Life Science
  • Biology – Human Life – Life Science
  • Chemistry – Atomic Life – Physical Science
  • Physics – Physical Life – Physical Science

Melanin energizes, orders, and arranges the dynamic functioning of every body system. The human body is a well-developed living machine. It is activated, energized, ordered, arranged, harmonized, and balanced by special systems in the body working in harmony. These systems include Integumentary, Sensory, Central Nervous, Endocrine, Digestive, Excretory, Immune, Skeletal, Muscular, Respiratory, Circulatory and Reproductive.

Section 3 discusses “Thoughts from Under a Black Light highlighting,

  • The Original Human Family and their three (3) Different Blood Factors and Types
  • Melanosomes and Melanin
  • Melanin in the Brain’s Reticular Activity System (RAS) and Ascending Reticular Activity System (ARAS)
  • The Super Sapiens, I Am Heka,
  • The Medjay – The Black Magi

Section 4 explores the lives of three (3) Black women who demonstrate the potential of Melanin.

  • Ms. Henrietta Lacks
  • Sister Mary Wilhelmina
  • Dr. Mae C. Jemison

Section 5 include three (3) Appendices that support the work of the Original
Human Family.
Appendix #1 – Organic Evolution on Earth for Resources and Curriculum
Appendix #2 – Study Guide for the Origin of Life in Africa
Appendix #3 – The Physical Characteristics of Melanin

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