Gratitude Journal For Black Men

Gratitude Journal For Black Men

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The easy yet powerful way for black men to transform their life in only 5 minutes a day


Boost: mental health, emotional wellness, self-image, energy levels, overall happiness

Banish: fear, regret, anxiety, anger, resentment, toxic emotions, despair, low self-esteem


Being a black man in the modern world comes with a great deal of challenges. How you are perceived by others and your own self-image can leave you emotionally drained and even damaged. It is critical to engage in self-care to boost your mental health and promote emotional wellbeing.


'The Gratitude Journal for Black Men' is the quick and easy way to take charge of your emotional state and ensure it is always directed positively.


What makes this gratitude journal unique?.

  • Makes getting started easy and allows you to stay consistent
  • Not overly complicated or time-consuming. It’s easy yet powerful
  • Quick morning and evening entries start and end your day on a high
  • Great for busy men who have competing demands on their time
  • Prompts focus your mind on things and people you are grateful for
  • Handy size book (100 pages at 6″ x 9″) that can easily travel with you


This simple yet powerful journal has the ability to transform your mental state by making you focus on what’s good about your life. This positive mental focus will affect every aspect of your life, including work, relationships and family. You will be a better you!


Makes the perfect inspirational, spiritual, self-care and positive gift.


Buy now to lift your life or the life of someone you care about!

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