In the Eye of the Father: A Memoir of Faith and Redemption(paperback)

In the Eye of the Father: A Memoir of Faith and Redemption(paperback)

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The first step of understanding who we will become, comes at the death of who we were...

“Stories of spiritual journeys rarely have the punch of hard-nosed realness that Jesston Williams brings to, In The Eye of the Father."

Alex Tsakiris, Host of the popular Skeptiko Podcast, and the author of Why Evil Mattersand Why Science is Wrong…About Almost Everything.


This heartfelt memoir discusses how Jesston Williams became “a man of faith.” The faith discussed is the faith to persevere, faith in humanity, and above all, faith in his understanding of becoming the embodiment of destiny.

Against a backdrop of trials and tribulations, near-death experiences, and rebirth, Jesston offers a gripping commentary of how the pressures of the unrelenting struggle to achieve his dreams against all odds fostered the compassionate capacity for inner growth and spiritual understanding.

This is a powerful journey into the untamed heart of modern society, embracing the lofty hope of the possibility of ascendance beyond self-limitation to lead towards a sincere grace. This book is insightful and inspirational, passionate and poetic. This riveting account of a young man coming of age explores the human condition to unabashedly answer the question of what drives us to reach beyond ourselves in the face of adversity.

This is a personal story, but one which at its core earnestly appeals to our shared humanity.

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