Little Virtuosities

Little Virtuosities

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Do you spend a lot of time focusing on your external beauty…what you’re going to wear, your hairstyle, or make-up? Many of us want to look good and take pride in how we look – there is nothing wrong with that.

What happens when you are faced with a storm that requires more than an umbrella and trendy raincoat to survive? Taking time to develop internally will better prepare you to endure the challenges you may face in life.

You’re invited to join Courage, Harmony, Purpose, and other young ladies as they embark on their journey to navigate their lives and weather the storms of teen struggles. The experiences these young ladies encounter are reflective of modern-day dilemmas such as suicide ideations, bullying, and online dating.

During this journey, you are sure to discover helpful characteristics and solutions to apply to your life circumstances. The lessons learned by the young ladies in this book will help readers realize within themselves and their lives tools to help overcome negative life issues and inspiration to develop strength, resiliency, and internal beauty.

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