Manje: A Vegan Cookbook

Manje: A Vegan Cookbook

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By: Valencia Clement 

Food justice is what inspired me to jump out of my comfort zone and publish my first cookbook.

This is a vegan cookbook. It’s my take on a vegan soul food cook book because these meals speak to my soul. In fact, they make my soul sing, “Glory,” on a sad day and I hope they do that for you too.

Being vegan doesn’t have to be bland, over-processed, or soulless. However, the transition can be complicated. Whatever your reason for choosing plant-based meals, when you choose plant based meals, you’re choosing yourself and you’re choosing the planet.

This book is a culmination of many things but most importantly, it’s about community. This book wouldn’t exist without people supporting my food blog @valenciasveganbistro. It wouldn’t have been possible without my support system surrounding me with abundance. It’s a testament to the Haitian Coat of arms, “L’union fait la force,” unity makes strength.

I hope this introductory cookbook helps ease the transition of your new journey and demystifies plant based soul snatching cuisine. I hope it guides you toward new flavors, ideas and memories.

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