Nora and the Eternal Waterwheel (Paperback)

Nora and the Eternal Waterwheel (Paperback)

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Author: Eugene Ward 

An all-ages fantasy epic you won’t want to miss! Memory is the essence of existence. To that end, Tanielle Travers has often wondered after her own sense of self and being. Tanielle's earliest memory is that of awakening in the midst of a park one dark and foreboding night all alone with not even a name to call her own. The seven-year-old girl was mystified, no one knew her, and no one sought to help her. For several years the girl wandered, fighting against all odds to survive. Tanielle had no reason to believe life would ever be any different, until one day she was found by a pair of cousins who took her in and cared for her. Tanielle felt she knew these women, but could not place where from. Tanielle felt that they had been searching for her for a very long time, and across a great distance. Little did she know that distance was that of an entirely different dimension! Now a fifteen-year-old girl attending school in Briar Peak, Tanielle Travers thought the worst she would have to deal with would be her school bully Peter Williams and the odd necessity to move to a different state from time to time. Life however would prove to be far more complicated! After all, who has time to worry about mid-terms when you’ve got shadow demons, inter-dimensional monsters, a knight clad in flaming armor and a lord of darkness from an ancient realm after your head?! Tanielle Travers is forced suddenly to awaken to the truth of her origins. She is not in fact Tanielle Travers of Earth, but Nora Ivandrea, warrior princess of Illara Kingdom from the planet Litandra! Her memories slowly returning, Tanielle must embark on a journey to attune to The Eternal Waterwheel, an artifact of such immense power that the safety and sanctity of both Litandra and Earth hinge on repairing it before it ruptures and destroys both worlds. Tanielle will fight alongside a magus with a dark history, Baltazaar, a lizard woman mercenary by the name of Plur, the twins Torva and Tenault who are both mage and warrior monk as she battles through monster-infested archives, demon seized forests and the ever-shifting realms between the shards of reality. And all while The Dark One’s minions hunt her, and The Eternal Waterwheel begins to turn its last. The journey and expectations before our young hero are herculean in nature, however one thing is certain. Whether Tanielle of Earth, or Nora of Litandra, this princess never backs down from a fight! Nora and the Eternal Waterwheel is an all-ages novel from the Dragon House Studios “Shepard” line of novels. The content therein is appropriate for readers of all ages. Whether you are a young reader or a seasoned adventurer, a boy or a girl, Nora and the Eternal Waterwheel is an epic journey filled with hope, chaos, self-discovery, growth and excitement that will entertain as much as it edifies all who give it a go! -Eugene the Author

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  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
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  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1983007132
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