Reclaiming The Black Feminine: The Lies of Feminism And The Road To Recovery

Reclaiming The Black Feminine: The Lies of Feminism And The Road To Recovery

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In this book, I intend to dispel the myth and lies of feminism, and their portrayal of women. Womanhood is not a weakness for women, it is a strength. The traditional role of women isn’t anything to be ashamed about, but something to be proud of. Women have accomplished much in this world, regardless of whether we can read about it in the history books or not. The very fact that women have been the ones responsible for birthing, raising, and cultivating whole generations of human beings is a feat and a responsibility of which no one can deny its inherent value. No matter what anyone believes, there is still a space for traditional women in this world. If masculinity exists, there also exists the need for the balance of true femininity. I intend to help set right this imbalance, by getting back to the basics of what it truly means to be a feminine woman.

Accepting our purpose as women seems quite timely if we take our changing environment into account. Our purpose is true and the social construct that is feminism is false. We cannot override in a couple of generations the male/female dynamics that have served mankind well for hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of years. Saying women don’t need men and don’t have to comply with them doesn’t change human evolution or biological imperatives.

Your femininity is ultimately more important than the feminist narrative that rules your life. Attempting to appease a sisterhood that is hypocritical enough to turn its back on you should you have a different viewpoint than what is expected, is asinine at best and does not do you any good. I would encourage any woman to take on that bravery and embrace her purpose to reach a higher form of self. If women are now allowed to be whatever their hearts desire, then traditional women should be free to be just that, without ridicule from other women in the society at large.

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