Rise of a Killah: My Life in the Wu-Tang

Rise of a Killah: My Life in the Wu-Tang

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The story of the celebrated rapper and the iconic Wu-Tang Clan, told by one of its founding members.

Dennis Coles—aka Ghostface Killah—is a cofounder of the Wu-Tang Clan, a legendary hip-hop group that established itself by breaking all the rules, taking their music to the streets during the genre's golden era on a decade-long wave of releasing anthem after classic anthem, and serving as the foundation of modern hip-hop.

Rise of a Killah is Ghost’s autobiography, focusing on the people, places and events that mean the most to him as he enters his fourth decade writing and performing. It’s a beautiful and intense book, going back to the creative ferment that led to Ghost’s first handwritten rhymes. Dive into Ghost’s defining personal moments, his battles with his personal demons, his journey to Africa, his religious viewpoints, his childhood in Staten Island, and his commitment to his family (including his two brothers with muscular dystrophy), from the Clan’s early successes to the pinnacle of Ghost’s career touring and spreading his wings as a solo artist, fashion icon, and trendsetter.

Rise of a Killah gives a “real feel” narrative of Ghost’s life as he sees it, a one of a kind holy grail for Wu-Tang and Ghost fans alike.

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