The Debate Date Card Game

The Debate Date Card Game

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Get to know each others interior asstes and avoid shallow small talk with the this conversational card game based on 160 Questions ready to be dsicussed.

Tired of small talk and transactional relationships? Are you ready to find out if your mentality matches with theirs? Then the Bob In UK Debate Date Card Game is just for you! 

Unlike other generic question based card games this game is specifically tailored to our beautiful melanated community. With questions concerning our culture, history, challenges and greatness alongside thought provoking topics challanging your percepion of realationships, love and our emotional, mental and spiritual state of mind.

Initially, "Debate Date" is a dating game to be played between two singles getting to know each other on a deeper level. Alternatively it is also  suitable to be played among friends, family, already established couples or even strangers.

Have meaningful and intelectual conversations by introducing the Debate Date Card Game at your next Date, Dinner Party, Games Night, Event or any other occations that provide a save space people to express their authenic opinions.

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