The Fires of Jubilee

The Fires of Jubilee

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“A penetrating reconstruction of the most disturbing and crucial slave uprising in America’s history.” —New York Times

The definitive account of the most infamous slave rebellion in history and the aftermath that brought America one step closer to civil war—newly reissued to include the text of the original 1831 court document "The Confessions of Nat Turner"

The fierce slave rebellion led by Nat Turner in Virginia in 1831 and the savage reprisals that followed shattered beyond repair the myth of the contented slave and the benign master, and intensified the forces of change that would plunge America into the bloodbath of the Civil War. Stephen B. Oates, the celebrated biographer of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr., presents a gripping and insightful narrative of the rebellion—the complex, gifted, and driven man who led it, the social conditions that produced it, and the legacy it left. 

A classic, here is the dramatic re-creation of the turbulent period that marked a crucial turning point in America's history.

ISBN 10: 0062656554
Imprint: Harper Perennial
On Sale: September 6, 2016
Pages: 224 pages

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