The Prince and Timberance
The Prince and Timberance

The Prince and Timberance

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This newly edited edition features an exciting bonus chapter, additional illustrations, and so much more!


A handsome prince, a powerful magic ring, and a shrewd sorceress form a triangle of suspense and drama. Readers will travel back in time to a magnificent African kingdom near ancient Nubia. A loyal servant might hold the only key to stop an extremely clever sorceress whose greed could lead to the destruction of this lush kingdom. Readers will be captivated as they follow the prince's harrowing journey to a faraway land where his life will be changed forever.



Timberance, born in America in the late 1800's, is a sensitive and beautiful African-American maiden. Ridiculed and teased because of someone's jealousy toward her, Timberance leads a painfully lonely life. Her only escape is found through books and exploring an old woman's mansion that is full of antique curios, hidden doors, and secret passageways. When Timberance discovers a cave many believe is haunted, she will find something more chilling than a ghost or the blustery autumn wind.


Life will change forever for the prince and Timberance as they discover the power and beauty of a friendship that will last a lifetime.




For parents who enjoy reading bedtime stories that carry over for several nights, THE PRINCE AND TIMBERANCE is a steppingstone into the realm of the imagination where dreams begin.

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